Why Do Marriages Fail? 

Image source: Google Images  By Ojolola Adeife Bukola Almost everyone is excited about getting married, and no Saturday goes by without intending couples walking down the aisle and making vows to love each other till death do them apart.  It is quite alarming to note that just as people are getting married in large numbers, so... Continue Reading →


The Survival of the fittest 

Image Source: Google Images  Some months ago, I watched a documentary on the processes that are involved in conception. About one twenty millions sperm cells are released by the man during sexual intercourse. The sperm cells travels through the uterus of the woman to the fallopian tube where just one sperm cell will meet with the... Continue Reading →

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step — Lao Tzu  There are various issues that comes up on daily basis in a man's live. There are good days, bad days, moody days, happy days, and all. Life can be fair at times and vice versa.  The journey of a thousand miles, begins... Continue Reading →

When The Clock stops Ticking

Image source: Google Images Being a Nurse, I have been opportuned to witness some patient's last moments on earth. That moment when there is little or nothing medical science could do, that epic moment when all hope is lost, then looking at the cadaver, I can deduce that he or she must have dreams, aspirations, visions and... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Decision Making (part 2)

Oguntunde Damilola Emmanuel  For SpeechCathedral Hello Friends, About a week ago, we shared on how important decision making is to us and our future while receiving instructions on the power of a decision. You are one decision away from your biggest breakthrough and one decision away from a downward turn of events. Just imagine with... Continue Reading →

Tales of Love and Lust

Image Source: Google Images  Ojolola Adeife Bukola (R. N)  For SpeechCathedral  Love is a beautiful feeling, that is only if you are with the right person who reciprocate your love and adores you. There's a very thin line between love and lust, and most times, what we assumed to be love is actually lust.  Let me... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Bachelorhood 

Image source: Google Images (ABC)  For you to be able to do whatever you want without restrictions is a blessing, this is the freedom of choice. Humans are blessed with the unique ability to make decisions and choose whatever or whoever you want. The scientist have told and taught us that there are various ways... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Decision Making (Part 1)

Oguntunde Damilola Emmanuel For SpeechCathedral  According to multiple reliable sources, the average human being makes about 35,000 decisions every single day of adulthood.  Your reality today is the cumulative reward or consequence of all the decisions you have made in the past. People most times blame their situation and circumstance on one decision they made, but... Continue Reading →

Diary of a Nigerian Nurse

Ojolola Adeife B. (R. N)  For SpeechCathedral Being a Nurse is much more than wearing the white uniform or answering the title Nurse, It is surrendering yourself  to the service of others, the service of humanity.  Nurses are Angels on earth.  A heart filled with kindness and love, giving someone a shoulder to lean on... Continue Reading →

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