Why you should marry a Nurse (Part 2)

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This article is written by Mrs IfeDolapo Folajin

For SpeechCathedral

There are valid reasons why nursing were voted to be the most-trusted profession for many years. It takes a special type of person to be committed to a field that is entirely dedicated to caring for others. For that reason alone, nurses make excellent life partners.

I will define Marriage in the context of God himself

‘‘Marriage is finding your missing rib and obtaining favour from God (Gen 2:24)’’

God loved ADAM and this made him gave him EVE so as to prevent him from been lonely and bored. He gave him his missing rib.

Nursing is an act of loving and this begat caring. You care for what you love. God was out in the sun just to check on Adam and Eve in order to see how they were doing.

An act of caring, loving and living — NURSING
Ifedolapo Folajin

While a Nurse is a person either male or female who cares for people in ‘Heart’ and ‘Act’. They love people with their heart and this moves them to act to care for them until they are in good health. No wonder Virginia Henderson stated that:

“The unique function of the nurse is to assist an individual sick or well (young or old, married or single, tall or short, husband, wife or kids), in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery(or to peaceful death) that he/she would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will, or knowledge , and to do this is such a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible”(Henderson,1966,p.3).

Henderson saw a nurse as a concerned person who deals with both healthy and ill individuals, acknowledged that nurses interact with clients even when recovery may not be feasible, and mentioned the teaching and advocacy roles of the nurse.

Nurses are noble and called individual who are endowed with an act and science of caring. They have concern for others in their heart and in whatever they do.


Compassion is an act of showing concern, empathy, loving and caring for people other than you. God is a loving God, he is kind and he has instilled this attributes into nurses so as to reach out to many. Nurses are God’s outstretched arm to reach out to the sick and hopeless people.

Providing care to others is the center of the nursing profession. Hence, this is the first reason why nurses make great partners. They naturally give compassionate care to the people they love.

We are truly and genuinely concerned about others. I did like to say that compassion is that “little extra” that makes us extraordinary. We bend over backwards for the people we care about and give our 101%. It’s all or nothing. There is no halfway when it comes to this. Nurses are great lovers because we know what love can do to a human’s life.

Nurses make friends easily because been a Nurse makes you naturally sensitive and empathetic when listening to others. When you want to talk about a problem, a nurse might not successfully give you a solution to it but you will definitely feel ease and less alone.

Nurses are trained to communicate in a therapeutic way and they know how to be a good listener. When you have a listening ears and helping hands, these two skills is what a man need from all day worries and problems. It makes him feel we are always here to listen. It goes a long way in every relationship.

We know when to back off and share your pain in loving silence. You are only been human, hence, nurses understand how sometimes all you need is for someone to listen, that words don’t do any good.

Nurses are amazingly patient because of the nature of job they do. Nurses learn how to care for patient daily and as they continue to care day by day, weeks and on until they are discharged or they die — THEY NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU. They are trained to be patient, persistent and diligent in their job.

Nurses will always find ways of injecting life and especially order into every disturbing situation. They will always inject order into stressful circumstances too with their distinguished qualities. It’s a phenomenon they face daily. They can’t hide from it so they might as well befriend it. Several admissions, medication that’s due, feedings, emergencies–all this happens daily and simultaneously. Their patient spirit helps them to deal with every situation.

You might hear nurses joke that if you give them coffee, a marker and tape they will figure out a way to do their job. William Summer says it’s that resourceful attitude that drove his wife to build her own living room furniture and clean out a drawer of mice without flinching. You can rest easy knowing your spouse is in a secure field that will stay that way for years to come.

Nurses are good at evaluating a situation and deciding whether or not it’s cause for concern. Allan Gourlie says that he always felt at ease when caring for his kids because he knew it wasn’t serious unless his wife got worried.

I am a proud nurse, a wife and a mother of one. My husband has been favoured to find his missing ribs in me.

Marrying a nurse is like telling God ‘I need a miracle for this problem and that’s it’.

You marry a nurse, you got it all.


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