Why you should date/marry a Nurse (Part 1)

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I celebrate all the Nurses all over the world, this one is for all of you. 

Who is a nurse?  

A trained person who treats someone else with excessive care. Simply put, One who, or that which, brings up, rears, causes to grow, trains, fosters, or the like.

Nursing is very sensitive and vital to our existence. Nursing is life, growth and development of anything or anyone you can think of (business, agriculture, economy, investment, entertainment, spirituality). 

To start with, the existence of the world was a critical plan and the creator nursed the idea properly, creating man in his own image and gave him a garden to care for the things inside, therefore we have the first nurse to be God himself, followed by Adam. Now, Let’s imagine how Adam will be walking and working in the garden catering for the plants and animals before Eve came and they both continued the job. 

The first family on earth were both Nurses, they both catered for the beautiful garden and when child rearing began, they both set the examples till today. 

            “Nursing is as old as the world”. 

                      – SeunBobo 

Nursing is gold which can never rust, it is a diamond that cuts through  glass. You can’t have a different career and not practice nursing, you’ll raise kids, you’ll care for yourself, you’ll care for your friends and family. 

Reasons why you should date/Marry a Nurse

1. They are all beautiful 

Don’t forget that we are beautifully and wonderfully made by God. It is not just the outward appearance, they are beautiful on the inside.  There are certain courses they’ve been trained on as well to be able to cater for anyone they come across. You must to love that beauty in them. 

2. They understand life better 

Life is vanity, your best swag is vanity. They will conduct practicals on autopsies and go to psychiatric hospitals for intensive trainings, and some of us still thinks there is more to life! Meet a nurse today and let him/her clue you again of how this life is just vanity upon vanity. Nurses have seen scenarios of child birth and makes them appreciates their mothers, aunties and grandmas. Nurses see critical cases of humans on daily basis, that will touch your soul and make you appreciate whatever you’ve got. 

To be continued….

 Stay tuned.


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