The Fawn Smiles

The biggest Dog in the hood was once a puppy.

– Anonymous 

There are a lot of things that this our mere mortal mind cannot understand at times. We try our best to wrap our head around the mysteries but it is all a futile effort to find a perfect solution to most of the problems. 

Let me share a story.

As I was moving from one household to another during the independent monitoring fieldwork of the polio vaccine immunization in Cross River State, Nigeria, busy marking house and almost becoming weary of the great task ahead, I decided to visit one of the sites given so I can ensure all the children in the settlement were all vaccinated.

 I got into the school compound and explained why I was there to the school headmaster, he was pleased so he allowed me in to address them, to my greatest surprise when the pupils saw me, they couldn’t hide the joy in their faces, then they sang for me. I really do not know the major reason why they did that but sincerely, I was lost for words. Therefore I decided to share our joy to the world. 

However, we are all young but we are healthy and happy. Despite the fact that we don’t get adequate care and attention, we will soon be polio-free.

An egg will later become a Big Hen someday.

Take a look at our various faces and see the joy beaming radiantly.

There is a lesson to learn, 

These beautiful faces you’re seeing are the offsprings of struggling parents working tirelessly to make life better, they don’t have the best clothes or own a befitting house but they are contented with what they have and do. 

This makes me wonder why this wealth can not go round, why there is so much suffering in this world even in some part of the country. 

Life isn’t fair to any of us but you should always reflect good attitudes to people around you. 

Be like a water in a bottle, no matter the force applied by the external body to the bottle, the water though disturbed, will always remain calm later.

You must show kindness to young ones around you, they understand actions better than words, they grab attitude faster. 

These pupils know they aren’t using the best clothes or shoes but because we are happy, we have a perfect gift for anyone who comes across us, we have a perfect gift for the world, a smile.

A smile that tells you that we are going to be alright, as long as there is life, there is hope. 

The hope for a better tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The Fawn Smiles

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  1. Oh what a beauty! How I love this.
    You can’t give too much of a smile. And you might never realize how contagious it get. Let’s spread the smile, it helps cover for lots of hurts/pains.
    Nice one Oluwaseun.

    Liked by 1 person

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