Metamorphosis (Part 1)

Life will throw different people at you but it is your choice to you to choose the spectacular people.

Life’s journey could take you places you don’t intend for reasons unknown to you. This is the story of a young man who went through the exact process.

While thriving hard to make some changes to his personality and becoming a better person, he was influenced by a lot of factors most especially his peers. He felt numb and not capable of achieving greater Milestones in his life. He felt lost in the world filled with diverse opportunities and gateways. Luck has never smiled on him but he proceeded with doing cool things that matters.

 Life is exceedingly phenomenal some will say but he won’t find things easy with the slow growth in his thinking faculty. He was a total mess, a complete disappointment to his solar plexus. 

As time goes on, change was inevitable. He sat down, looked deeply at his life, engaged in strategic and critical reasoning, wrote down some points and slept off. 

That was the end of the first metamorphosis session. 

Although he was aware that transformation is imminent. Should we say it is because of the intense pain he was feeling inside or the rate at which his other peers are fast developing, with amazing Godspeed? He slept off again, and the session ended. 

He continued with the deranged sad life, covered with a facade of joy, happiness, and richness of life. Things was still moving at a slow pace but he didn’t mind,  he kept living the sick life and giving himself the notion that when there is life, there is hope. That is true of course but if you don’t get informed and move with the right bandwagon, you’re deformed and you’re probably doomed. He absolutely forgot that fact. 

After series of encounter with some of his peers who insisted that he had potentials and was full of positivity, he engaged in another session. 

The session birthed the iota of doubt in his potentials and he landed in a trance. 


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