The Finale: Cracking the Relationship and Career code

Experience is the best teacher.

There are lots of books, articles and templates on choosing the right career and relationship. These resources will give you insights on the moral principles to follow in order to have a befitting relationship and career.

You will hardly find resources on combining both. One outweighs the other for most people. 

Balancing your career and relationship is going to be perfect if you will follow the codes from the previous episodes and the following codes to be explained. 

CODE RED: that’s the stop sign, if a particular relationship will hinder the progress and success of your career goal, please cut it. Things won’t always go as planned therefore you have to be ready to understand the signs that if this partner isn’t willing to see me succeed, I have to stop the relationship. 

If a particular career will hinder the sustenance and development of my relationship, please stop and switch career. 

What is the essence of having it all and still feel empty?

All work and no good loving makes Jack empty. 

– Seunbobo

We are made for each other, to support and complement each other. Therefore as your career is important so also is your relationship. 

CODE ORANGE: this is in-between. You tend to give your relationship and/or career some amount of energy and force but deep down you are not satisfied, you feel both is a burden. You have tried so hard to blend in, to create time and to feel dedicated on one or both but your efforts are all wasted due to some certain limiting factors. 

If you find yourself experiencing this, you need to re-focus, plan and seek for guidance.

A problem identified is a problem solved. Although not in all cases but then there is always a solution to a problem. 


You might want to ask is it possible to have a code green? 

I’d say yes, though it’s rare. This is where sacrifice comes to light as it has been discussed in previous episode. You need to work more to get a code green. 

Incorporating two different individual’s dreams is no child’s play. It shows that there has occurred a session of clipping and pegging to make it all blend.

How much are you willing to give up to get that?

Code green is the height of it all. This is when both career and relationship is sticked together like glue. 

For foodies: this is your Beans and Dodo, or rather your rice and beans. We can also say this is your fried rice with chicken. 

You find peace in both your relationship and career. It comes freely and natural to you. 

Having the right relationship and balancing it with a befitting career will make you a better person and take you to another level. 


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