Why domestic violence is disfiguring marriages. 

“He punished, and kept punishing me, but I love him. He will change someday, I am praying for him to change. The oath has bonded us together. If I leave him, he’ll be worst”, 

This is what a domestic violence victim muttered. 

“He who findeth a wife, has found a good thing, and obtaineth favor from the Lord”

 – Proverbs 18:22.

This is absolutely correct and this is what the most comprehensive book on earth has told us. 

As I was surfing the web lately, I saw various cases of domestic violence happening. In fact it has become the order of the day in marriages of this century.

Why will you disfigure that diamond you once loved and cherished? 

In the olden days, this issue (domestic violence) was not rampant among married people in this country. In fact, they had ultimate respect for each other maybe it was because it took the man seven times seven attempts to cross the ocean, tolerate water baths from mothers, engage in serious gisting with friends of the woman, get life threats from fathers and so on before a man get his woman. Getting a woman wasn’t easy and cheap during those times. 

Let’s ignore science and corporate lifestyle first, 

Marriage is a sacred institution ordained by God himself for development, procreation and so many other benefits. 

Marriage is a beautiful relationship created for humans to make the world a better place. The fate of this world revolves around marriages. 

You see most movies, TV series showing relationships as the key lesson to learn. Although some of these lessons are wrong but then the message can be gotten clearly. 

Domestic violence in marriage is the act of insanely beating, cursing, or maltreating your partner with or without a reason. 

It is outrightly wrong.

Based on observations, some of these people involved in domestic violence failed to realize that marriage is different from dating. The two are mistaken. 

Domestic violence will make the participants weak emotionally and spiritually. It will greatly affect the psychological developments of both parties and later lead to heavy depression. Depression is one of a major killer in this century. 

Should we say civilization is the major cause of domestic violence disfiguring marriages? 

At times I sit, ponder and look at all these young men and ladies getting married, with striking pre-wedding photos and trying out things only to find out that few months or years after the wedding, a case of domestic violence will be reported which will lead to broken homes. 

A broken home is a broken family, a broken family is the broken life of its offsprings. 

Before getting married to that man or woman you’re in a relationship with, he or she has to be properly tried and tested. Don’t just conclude you totally know your partners because you’ve courted for 4-7years. Change is a beautiful thing and it is constant but then one need to be extra careful and observe little things, little things matters. 

Our attitudes and behaviors are like smoke, we can’t hide it.

Marriage isn’t for babies or lads, it is for matured minds. It is for people who are willing to stick with each other through thick and/or thin. 

You want change, be the change you want the world to see. 

Marriage is a beautiful relationship, say no to domestic violence, you have anger issues, seek advice and guidance. 


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