The Fate of the Fast and Furious 

There are several issues and problems that man encounter on daily basis which will at one point or the other determine whether man is still fit for survival or He is just a weakling. 

This article was conceived out of the fact that speed is good at times but has its devastating consequences. 

What is speed (Source: Wikipedia)

In everyday use and in kinematics, the speed of an object is the magnitude of its velocity (the rate of change of its position); it is the average speed of an object in an interval of time. 

The fastest possible speed at which energy or information can travel, according to special relativity, is the speed of light in a vacuum  c = 299792458 metres per second (approximately 1079000000 km/h or 671000000 mph). 

Science has proven speed, now let’s drive home the point. 

If you’re living life on the fastlane, at times you’ve got to slow down, park, check your tyres, cool off then zoom off again. 
– SeunBobo

We all want to speed off to our greatness, our success and accomplishments in a blink without considering whether some factors are wearing out. In the gradual growth and development of your life or relationships, do not rush or dive into any situation with speed.

 Careful plan and strategy will help one accomplish greater heights. 

We are all born with one ability or the other, greatness is embedded in everyone, it takes a strong man to find honey in a rock without considering the effect of the rock on the axe. 

The fate of the fast and furious is he who has decided to speed off on the fastlane without looking at the rearview will suffer the greater consequences.


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