Why “It does not Matter” later becomes “Matters Arising” 

Lately,  I have began to consider the importance of the choices I have made and I am making and how it has a ripple effect on who I have become, who I am becoming, who I will be and how long it will take me to achieve my goals. I got this realisation from my reading of the Bible. 

Even if, you do not believe in the God of the Bible (which you should, you can ask me why later), a lesson you can pick from mere reading the stories in the Bible is the importance of the choices people make.

The successful people and historical figures are known because of the choices they made.

Every choice has a consequence, some short term and some long term

Think on this, the decision you made last month to spend that extra cash on something you didn’t really need, has it not affected the amount of cash you have this month?

It is often said you are addressed the way you are dressed, what it means is your decision to dress a certain kind of way has an effect on how people talk to you.

Every day we make choices, some are deemed little while some are big but sometimes this so called little choices later become big issues, as a friend of mine used to say, 

it doesn’t matter later becomes matters arising. 

We need to pay more attention to our choices no matter how little it may seem at the moment, it could have a large impact in future.

We all make choice but in the end,  our choices make us

Two choices I deem as very important and have an effect on the seemingly smaller choices are:

 The choice of who to worship and the choice of association.

Who you decide to worship and who you decide to associate with either as friend, business partner, husband or wife, they have an influence on the other choices you make.

Be careful and be bold with your choices, your future is tied to it. 

Oluwaseun Asekunowo

For SpeechCathedral 


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