The Faster you run, The Slower you become 

As I was jogging this morning, my thoughts keeps drifting in and out like the tides, I was balancing things up in my head and gradually taking it one step at a time. Suddenly a young man dashed away like lighten, I was so amazed at that speed. My thoughts went blank as I was trying to comprehend what just happened. I ignored that situation and the thoughts came in again, then I was moving gradually and re-arranging the puzzles in my head. 

Later on, I saw the flash, who dashed away sitting helplessly on the ground. He was tired. I almost laughed but I kept moving. 

There is a saying 

Slow and steady wins the race

Well that’s true of course, I am in no competition with the man to think I have won but you should know that the faster you run, the slower you become if you do not renew your energy. 

Surprised? Smiles

Don’t be.

What do I mean by your renewing your energy? 

The man who dashed away got quickly tired because he has refused to take certain things into consideration. He has simply refuse to renew his energy in other for him to cover his journey. 

Let’s consider few things you need for your energy renewal: God first, your actions, attitudes, your peer group, your environment, your circle. 

In life, If you decide not to renew these things, victory is bleak.


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