Our actions has got no Bulletproof

Once upon a time, there was a lonely path filled with green grasses and red flowers, there were thorns growing also. The environment was almost quiet but due to the voices of the birds singing, and the river flowing the quietness was short lived. 

A snake was sighted gradually crawling towards food, it was moving calmly and gently. Food was few kilometers away from this snake but unknowingly to the snake, a bird has perched on a tree along the lonely path looking at the snake and how to kill it. 

As the snake was gradually moving towards food, the bird was also strategizing in advancing to lift the snake, high up in the sky, then dropping it. Before the actions, a cool wind blew across the trees, flowers, and grasses in fact it blew across the snake. 

There was a pause, a look-around of what is happening, the voice of the wind was almost loud, as the following was the interpretation: 

Aje kun Iya ni o je, Aje kun iya ni o je

Eni ti o Toni na tin dena deni 

Aje kun Iya ni o je. 

Translation: You shall be seriously punished to the brim, you’re not a match for me, yet you’re setting a trap, you shall be seriously punished to the brim. 

After the voice has reduced, The snake striked food with full force, the bird striked the snake also with food in the snake’s mouth.

There was a re-echoing gunshot. 

MORAL: The circle of Life. 


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