Companionship: Relationships on Campus 

Everyone has a reason for going into a relationship whether for companionship or some other value added benefits. 

An affair between two or more people does not necessarily mean a love affair as it could be religious, social, ethical or emotional affair. Religious affair could involved friends who goes to same mosque /church or fellowship on campus who are keen on making the good news spread faster than usual. Religious affair can also involve peers who have and respect the same religious views. Social affair involves peers who basically enjoy social gatherings we can call them “the socialites”. There is no particular feelings attached. Ethical affair is simply having an affair with anyone we think he or she is morally right, disciplined or well behaved. You can have an affair with a bookworm.

Emotional affair in our environment cannot be referred to as a solid affair. You build an affair on campus due to certain reasons and at the end of the academic pursuit in school, the affair becomes terminated. 

Relationship on campus is not always concrete. A girl may be dating a guy for financial reasons, secular assistance, esteem needs. The common of relationship on campus is the best of friends (clique) or should I say friends with mutual benefits (symbiotic relationship). 

There is most significant advantage attached to relationships on campus. 

When a matured individual is into a relationship, he or she understands the dos and don’ts and knows what is involved compared to Young Minds. 

Most Young Minds mess around, having fun amidst peers. 

A true relationship on campus should be based on mutual interest, respect and understanding in other to keep it going. In other to stabilize the relationship there must be mutual commitment.

If one would be in a relationship at all, there should be a very rigid reason for going into it. 

Before you go into any relationship, you need to exercise maximum care and be sure of what you’re going into. 


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