Why Religion is an active part of the World’s problem

​The problem with the world’s religions have been succinctly summarized in this words of a sage:

any belief based on books or letters is susceptible to secretarialism.”

 I wish I can put a name to that, but memory fails me.

Since I realized this four years ago, no longer would I argue about matters in this line again.

Man can’t be more right, everyone chooses to see things (mostly) only in ways that is appealing to them. By consequence, they judge other people’s beliefs as wrong or right based on their own. 

Here comes the world’s problem, some people believes their own religion is superior and so would want to exact it on others. Even in an homogeneous sect, there still exists a thirst for hierarchy. A thirst to supersede the others. Each subsect working assiduously to garner people who it can claim support its views.

I would have asked “how did we find ourselves here?”

But then I know we are so blessed with wits, our perspectives are wide and we have the freedom to follow what we wish. I know we have a will to stand for something. I know we have a strong thirst for knowledge. I know we feel a sense of allegiance to what we believe and a need to support it.

I do not have a problem with all these because they are what adds colour to our existence, what makes my heart ache is how we make other people submit to what we support even if it infringes on their human rights.

The world’s problem ends when we desists from this. And are we ever going to get there? never. 

Call me pessimistic, 

This is one of life issues we have to understand.

We will all live in and leave this mess until people no longer be and the earth ceases. 

Author: Kolawole Oluwanifemi 

For SpeechCathedral 


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