Cracking the Relationship and Career code (Part 2) 

Remember I told you it is not going to be easy balancing passion and love?

 Yes, it hasn’t change. But there is a need, you have to if you want a story of “I conquered on all sides”. You won’t find me get intrigued with a successful businessman, pastor or philanthropist who is currently living an unsuccessful love life. It is likened to the then modern school, if you fail in one, you have failed in all. 

Come, let’s reason together.

You meet a person who perfectly fits your checklist of who your soul mate should be but then who you sense on the inside will be intimidated by the heights your career is capable of taking you, will you stay with him/her?

You’d say it is complicated? No it’s not. That brings us to the Codes.

CODE I: Be sure of what you really want.

At this point, let me remind you that nothing, especially if it is good, comes easy. Anything you pass through in life cannot always give you a smooth experience. 

If Life offers you a bed of Roses, expect to be pricked by its thorns. 

You should be able to take a stance that it is either this or nothing (depending on how much your passion means to you). Be reminded this must happen at the preliminaries, when commitments are not strong, when witnesses are not many. If things are sorted out here, there won’t be a need for others. But then, there are exemptions. Where there were no initial signs of ‘rebellion’, it brings us to.

CODE II:  Communicate. 

Here is one hard-nut to crack part of even our day to day lives. Humans of this world would prefer to assume rather than ask questions or discuss.  We would cook up conclusions like we have X-ray visions that have seen the other person’s intents. We forget to think what if it is otherwise. In a relationship, it is advised you discuss your challenges. Like “baby, what do think about this job? How are you afraid it is going to end?” And other questions in that trend. Discuss the time and cost implications, and other sacrifices that are involved. You can’t tell what a little explanation can do. 

Don’t go ahead to think the other person is just  wicked not to allow you follow your dream, or feel is jealous of your achievements in your career. Although, it’s a different case when you’re with a person that doesn’t give room for dialogue. But wait, I should ask,  what are you waiting for?

CODE III: Be sensitive and understanding

The key to effective productivity and communication is maximum sensitivity and ultimate understanding. 

Be sensitive not just to the need of your partner but also to your career needs. In balancing your relationship and career, you do not give one a preferential treatment while the other suffers. Both parties should be well catered for. 

Most of us are not sensitive to the vital issues of our relationships and careers that is why you will see cases of divorce or probably cases of job termination. The needs of Men are insatiable that is why you have to be careful in all your dealings with your career and partner. 

We can’t exhaust the codes, but it definitely doesn’t end with these, do watch out for other episodes.

To be continued..
In case you missed Part 1, follow the link below.


2 thoughts on “Cracking the Relationship and Career code (Part 2) 

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    1. A true relationship should be based on mutual interest, respect and understanding in other to keep it going. In other to stabilize the relationship there must be mutual commitment.

      If one would be in a relationship at all, there should be a very rigid reason for going into it. 

      Before you go into any relationship, you need to exercise maximum care and be sure of what you’re going into. 


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