Relationships and figment of imaginations 

There are lots of books, articles, and materials on relationships. These books will give you details of the moral principles one needs to follow in other to have a befitting relationship. You can come across some principles when reading some of these books on how to be a better husband or wife, better friend or neighbor. 

At times I do not like to listen to these motivational speakers, why? They tend to psyche you up during their lectures but once you leave the auditorium, you’re back at facing your life challenges in its purest form. Although not in all cases but that’s the experience with some of us.

Therefore, books or any writings on relationships is a guide or perhaps is likened to a motivational speaker who is psyching you up to be better. 

The cold truth of the whole matter is this, no one is an expert when it comes to relationships and how to really enjoy the benefits that accompanies it. Most of the books are based on individual perception of what they practiced or what the Holy Book said regarding to relationships. 

To practice what these writers are preaching is a different thing entirely. Some writings are figments of some of these writer’s imagination. 

You can never find a perfect relationship without its challenges. 

I am not condemning books on relationships or telling you not to follow some of the principles in the book rather I am only trying to let you realize that “You only live once”, do not let the principles of some books lead you like a sheep. Let your feelings and experience comes naturally, it can only get better. 

In the olden days, i doubt it if there are writings or books on what relationships should be like, and I’m sure they lived right. 

In conclusion, nobody will teach a normal human being some basic things in life, as you grow, you accept this things and live with it. You’re in control of every choice and decisions you make. Do not get psyched up but live your life and make the best of it. 

You’re the Sole Heir to the throne of your happiness.


2 thoughts on “Relationships and figment of imaginations 

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  1. Those are some sensitive points you just touched although I do not totally agree.
    The purpose of a motivational speech like the one you just gave is to an extent expose the hearer/reader to a knowledge (whether new or not) as well as encourage them to do it.
    I want to understand what influenced your view as how people have abused their prowess in handling words to keep recycling what is already known. It gets boring and we now read/listen with a “what haven’t we heard?” mind.
    But the truth is there are still some book/resources that can well serve as blue print. Or what else is better than learning from others’ experience? And I’m very sure no one will say his/her opinion is the “one perfect size fits all”


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