Life has no circuit switch 

The light is off, there is absolute darkness in the room that one can barely know where to turn to. One has to play the role of a blind person in a dark place temporarily till the light is back on. 

At times, we are blind in a dark place, stuck, and unable to find a way to move out.

Imagine your life having a circuit switch, where you can switch from worries to enjoyment, fat to slim, pain to strength and from poverty to riches. 

There are times one wishes to accomplish greater things, times one wishes the only experience we have in life are just the pleasant ones. 

We wish the only stories we have to share are the good ones, moments we love to remember are the sweet memories, we wish we never go through hardship and pain, troubles can disappear, to find love in any and every place. We wish we are accepted with all of our flaws.

Many times we just keep wishing and forget the cold reality of life that sweet and sour are two variables of life. Things can not always go as planned but one has to constantly move forward, ignoring all the negativity. 

The truth is, life has no circuit switch or simply put life is not easy for any of us. 

Life comes with its pros and cons. Roses have thorns. If Life offers a bed of Roses then expect to be pricked by some thorns too.


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