Joy comes in the morning when the darkest hour is gone. 

The series of events that is going on is a sign that something is happening. 

It is evident, and we can all relate to this. Be it good or bad, Something is happening. 

 As I write this, I cannot but thank my goodness for giving me the courage to keep soaring above life’s circumstances. Life is exceedingly good but will throw different issues, people and events at you. 

One of the great minds walking on this earth said:

You can’t control how other people think of you. But you can control how you choose to present yourself, and that makes all the difference.

– Dara Oladapo 

Living life on its terms could get ugly but your attitude and sensitivity towards life is very important as it will display your level of reasoning, strength and courage. You have to be wise like the serpent and calm as the dove in dealing with people, events, circumstances, issues and life itself.

The lyrics of a favorite song goes thus:

Hold on my child, Joy comes in the morning

Weeping only last for a while

Hold on my child, Joy comes in the morning 

The darkest hour means dawn is just in sight.

I do not write this to preach but to inspire you and to let you realize that what ever you pass through in life, Joy will surely come in the morning. 

You can overcome with your critical logical reasoning and your right attitude. 

Take charge of your life irrespective of life’s circumstances.


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