Companionship: The Strength for my Weakness

Permit me to enlighten you from the female perspective. Although I’m no feminist, but this is what I can relate well with. 

A story was told of a man who was mean and churlish, in fact no man can associate with him and he has no regard for a kind heart. He treats everyone like trash and pays no attention to everyone else’s opinion. He doesn’t even know how to return a nice gesture. 

Just imagine how people saw him in the neighbourhood. I bet you will see a man who no one can approach. 

Now imagine that kind of man having someone who is courteous, humble and hospitable as a wife. 

Contradictory, right?

Yeah, that’s how it is meant to be. Not necessarily that both parties should be total extremes like the earlier illustration, but where ever one is lacking, the other compliments. 

Pause and let’s consider this first: 

When a particular subject is treated, one has to look through the basis and find out the reason why the issue was conceived. One of the original purposes why the female folk came into the picture at all is for the perfection of whatever inconsistencies the man had. Companionship is embedded in her role. And so, the woman was made to achieve the idea of complementing.

That said, let’s see how the story ended.

The man acted his hostility to the wrong person; a person who is capable of ruining his life, career and even the whole of his generation. The sad part is that he saw nothing wrong with what he did. Or let’s say he has refused to allow his wife’s kindness rub off on him, because I’m sure she would have tried talking sense into him.

It happened however that providence smiled on the woman with a good heart and she was able to save a lot of things – children, servants, business – that took them years to establish but the man alone paid to clean up the mess he has made with his life. 

You see, if it were possible for individuals to handle their own “plus-es” and “minus-es”, it will be unnecessary to have a need to be joined with another personality for a lifetime. It is therefore advised to know what loopholes your partner is meant to cover up for you. 

However, it is saddening that some personalities (mostly among  the male gender) will prefer to pride in their “minus-es”. Their over inflated egos will not allow them see their wives’ ability to compliment them as a gift, instead they feel it shows they are weaklings. 

What a pity!
Don’t be without understanding.

…for they have a reward for their labor…

…for if one falls, the other raises him up…

AUTHOR: Kolawole Oluwanifemi—For SpeechCathedral 


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