Cracking the relationship and career code (Part 1) 

The same way you do not get to harvest before planting, that is how hard it is to have a reasonable result without planning. Adulthood has crept up on most of us without our notice and we have forgotten it will not always be this way. 

There are important things vital to human existence for sustenance and development that should be planned towards and I will be sharing with you two (2) important things — relationship and career. Both are very vital to every human. Most times we allow one to outweigh the other and there is a need to balance both. 

Career is your life goal, what you want to become or rather your dream job! More so, the Bible explains that if you do not work, you do not deserve to eat; it shows how important career is for sustenance. 

Majority of us have started planning our careers since entry into high school. A reminder is the decision you made to either go to Science, Commercial or Art class. Those decisions were not totally out of the blues because you were at least planning to be “something in future” even though the uncertainties were high.

Let’s take a sharp turn into something more relatable. Now, take a pen, use the tally system to count the number of relationships you’ve been in between then and now just for the sake of it — without a plan as to where it will end or understanding the reason behind it. 

Oh wait! You think it is not needed? 

Humans have individual differences and perspectives in judging various life issues, but then a general view on relationship shows it to be the practice of staying connected to a particular person with whom you share opinions, ideas and personal issues. Some people don’t take relationships serious as they believe no one can be as wonderful and superb as them (self-love). It is okay to love yourself but it has its limit.  

Combining relationship and career could either be easy or difficult for people. 

Just imagine bringing a “total DC” into the scene of what you have been at since senior high school. See yourself taking somebody who is a few months old in your life as serious as something you’ve been nursing since you were a teen. It seems impossible, right? It is very possible to combine both and live successfully, but there are some things one has to put into consideration — THE CODES.

The codes are simple steps you can follow in making sure that your relationship is important as your career.

Having the right relationship is priceless, it is like having the “White House” to yourself till death! Although there are things you must do to keep it in good shape. What do I mean by right relationship? It involves you having a soul mate, someone who understands you for who you are, your ‘ride or die’ partner. Someone who makes you thick. 

I am of the opinion that a right relationship should not debar your career! Rather it should strengthen it. One thing you will notice in right relationships is that both parties are chasing their different dreams  and at the same time encouraging each other despite the peculiarities of each  career. This might be difficult to believe for those who had ended series of relationships because of the friction between passion and love, they must have even made a conclusion that their career is too important to add a burden (relationship) to it. 

These ones can’t be totally blamed, experience taught them that – experience with the wrong person. 

Truth is, the right relationship will strengthen you mentally, physically and even spiritually. It will support your dreams and spur you to action.

The next episode will give us a view into what the codes earlier referred to are.


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