Humility and the Bamboo

Be like the Bamboo, the higher you grow, the deeper you bow”.

– Chinese Proverb 

Show me a man who by courage was able to overcome life hurdles, excel through hard work and after the test of time is still able to sustain the height he has reached and I’ll tell you he’s a man who have mastered the art of Humility.

Yes! humility is an art. It is learnt, practiced and developed over time until it becomes a way of life. It is neither a trait that is inherited nor is it a feature that can be put on like a mask.

That is why a true epistle on humility will not miss out the fact that it does not pretend. That epistle would also not fail to add that it puts other people’s cause before its own. It doesn’t boast in its possessions or accomplishments. 

Humility doesn’t look down on others nor make a joke out of others’ predicaments. It accepts people the way they are and doesn’t impose its views on other. 

Humility is what makes one open to new knowledge and accept corrections even if it’s from the lowliest of persons. Humility is a lot of things but self-exalting.

Contrary to what we mostly term ‘being humble’ these days, humility is expected to be dominant and all encompassing. That is, you cannot be humble in an aspect and not be in the others — it should be evident in all areas of your life — words, actions, reactions, relationship, etc. This is a test whether it is a faux or not.

If the Writ in its wisdom can’t be more right to say that “God resists the proud and gives  grace to the humble” then I should not be wrong to conclude that

“humility is a sure way to sustaining results as well as reaching greater heights”.

Author: Kolawole Oluwanifemi—For SpeechCathedral 


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