Letter To My Unborn Child

Dear child,

I scribble this to you with a sullen heart. This piece will give you hope. Its content will be lessons from whatever life has thought me.

As much as I want to rehearse the beautiful things that go on down here, something within me keeps holding me back. The thing nudges me to tell you the truth — how exactly it is — now when you’re yet to be released into the world.


I want you to know that living here can be tedious. You will see bad things happen to beautiful people, you will want to conclude life is simply cruel, very unfair and wicked. You’ll experience cases where you will be presented what you have no need for in abundance, but find not what you want.

People will come to you, show they care, you trust them and tomorrow they leave you brokenhearted. Your heart will refuse to learn a lesson and the next day you’re in a similar trap again.

You’ll see somebody else take what you would die to have for granted, toss it into the wind and the thing comes flying back at them like a boomerang; they hiss, leave it there and walk away for it to chase after them.

Even with all these, child, when you get here, don’t fret.

I’ll tell you what I told the ones before you:

“It is too late to be pessimistic.

Can’t you see the world is messed up already even before you came around?

Deaths, pandemics, famine are all competing on which can cause more misery than the other. Natural and man made disasters are now norms. Diseases with no names and sicknesses that used to be called ‘ordinary’ are major shareholders in taking lives.

Every news update is incomplete without one bad news or the other  whenever you tune in.

If at all you understand anything, you will know it’s complete waste of productive energy to expect more worst things than we’ve already seen.

The world already has a lot of negatives on its plate; it doesn’t need your ‘bad mind’ to add to it.

Since what is scarce now is good news, why don’t you decide to move against the tide.

Save yourself the stress. Expect the good. Think positive. Be optimistic!”

Take these words with hope. I can’t wait to have you. 

I love you, child.

Be safe.

Author: Kolawole Oluwanifemi — For SpeechCathedral 


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