Why We should be made of Silk

Even before we got here, the earth has by its natural make-up been revolving around a lot of things. It has become so consistent that every generation automatically falls in line as they arrive, seriously minding  the “whats”, “whys” and “hows”.  

Whoever said “curiosity ONLY kills a cat” (Emphasis on my word) must have lied because curiosity started the world’s problems. It’s a bell on the neck of man. Out of the thirst to seek knowledge, man will dig up mysteries they cannot finish unravelling before their days are exhausted. The next generation  picks up what is left behind, the mysteries see their end but don’t stop with them. Then the next. And the next. The pursuit never ends.

Likewise, sages have cruised this plane and left words of wisdom as trails testifying their presence. These words are consequences of their experiences.  We won’t be wrong to say the world and its constituents — humans and nature — are the greatest teachers known. 

The wisest man that ever walked the face of the Earth after much experiences and searching couldn’t but conclude that there will never be an end to searching. But there is one particular puzzle Man might never be able to decipher i.e. understanding the human mind. In plain terms, knowing a man’s thoughts.

Psychics, psychiatrists, shrinks only have a way (whether through manipulation or voluntary) of getting people to show/tell/hint them on what’s in their mind, it is on this basis that truth can be inferred. Thoughts of early philosophers also have a say. Even though a materialist might never come in terms with the processes of the mind considering its intangibility, an idealist believes it is possible to guess the contents of human mind given his interaction with other forces of nature. In all, truth still remains that  the content of a man’s heart cannot be exhaustively known.

I’m neither a sage nor a philosopher, but this is my take. I feel it would have been great if we live inside a see-through skin! Of course, not the kind of transparent skin that exposes the entrails and other interwoven cords, muscles and bones,  lines of fluid-carrying-veins and shaky walls of a blood soaked heart. That will be gross.

The kind of transparent skin that gives away the activities of the mind. 

Giving the thoughts of the mind a form that could at least convince a materialist that those actions he believes are tangible were formed from somewhere.

Now I’m thinking, what if we were made of transparent silk,  how many thoughts will we not shrug off as soon as they surface? How comfortably will we be able to walk around those that trust us? How much words would we not bother saying?

Sometimes, I shudder at this thought but then it seems like the best thing that will happen to the human race.

Like we will be able to see the real intention of those politicians during campaign. We will know if that “I love you” is not just mere words. We will know if all intentions appearing good are really meant for good.

Even if this isn’t possible, we have to at least correct the notion of judging based on looks. That is the essence of this long letter.

Thank you for reading. 

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

It’s a date next Tuesday.

AUTHOR: Kolawole Oluwanifemi 

For SpeechCathedral 


2 thoughts on “Why We should be made of Silk

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  1. Thought provoking letter. If only we the human is see-through, the lies masked behind a facade of truth humans daily tell and live would be vividly detected. That way, disappointment, hurt and the likes will not be experienced.

    Nice write, sis.
    Next Thursday had better be on it’s way.

    Liked by 1 person

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