The YOU that believes in YOU

Maya Angelou quipped, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” 

Courage needn’t be defined. Life presents to us challenges on daily basis; by implication, living is a courageous act on its own. The fact that one is alive shows that she or he has a level of courage. However, it depends on the height which it lies.

Courage, like every other life virtues, begins from the mind. Inadvertently, you are left with options to either ‘give up’ or ‘move on’ as you face life challenges. The real essence that makes a person worthwhile — in the family, society, place of worship, and nation – is portrayed when that person expends the strength that has made him or her to successfully (or otherwise) take on whatever has come his or her way on every other aspects. 

I won’t go on to give names of people who have gone against tides and succeeded, because you should know you are a version of yourself and not living according to a prototype. This is therefore the conclusion of the whole matter, “it begins with you.”

I end this with a poem (Acrostic “COURAGE”) that speaks to the YOU; the YOU that needs to believe that “if the battle of timidity is won in me, it is won in Nigeria.”

Coursing through life and it frightens?

got burdens you’ve tried so much to lighten?

thinking failure is your destiny?

and success from peers is intimidating?

Or do pains make you weep sore?

and words come to dampen your heart not to soar?

is failure bringing you so low to the floor?

and all signs show you’re done for?

Undue worry is vanity

it weakens your hold on sanity

presses against you with such tenacity

and tells you happiness is only a fantasy 

Relieve yourself of the fear for what tomorrow holds

anxiety as the future unfolds

think on how you’d miss the beauty to behold

if you give up now and let it all go

Answer now the call of valor

agree with the push to move on

let not life call you a coward 

get up and face it head on

Gnarl at timidity

shame them that say you can’t do it

go on get your avidity

the one that fuels your capacity

Enter into a realm of ‘I can do it!’

make sure you do better to prove it

get up, succeed no matter what

that, I tell you, is what COURAGE begat.

God bless YOU

God bless Nigeria

God bless the World
AUTHOR: Kolawole Oluwanifemi 

For SpeechCathedral 


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