God Over Everything (GOE) 

Saturday can come and take Thursday’s place. In fact, We should have the sun rise at night and the stars make their wave at noon. The moon should roll back sometimes. Or maybe mouth should be just a little below the belly button. Or man should be living in nests and birds in cave.

This is no joke. Let’s be real.

You know, a number of us believe God made all these things to be, isn’t it? He orchestrated the order of things.

But come to think of it, He didn’t even ask you if you wanted five limbs on each hands, did He? Don’t you feel you might be able to do more with seven or ten?

Did He ask if you wanted your eyes by the sides of your head and not at the front that’ll give us a 360° degrees sight, cool isn’t it? 

I’m not trying to mess with your mind, I just think maybe we should stage a protest or something, like it’s about to happen in Nigeria soon, and move to the heavenlies, ask that this “God” be brought before us for questioning. He should tell us why he decided all these for us. He should defend His actions. At least, our fundamental human rights affords us to know.

Who is in?✋

Did I hear you say “why should we question Him? He knows what’s best.”

Oh, we do know that?

We know He has our good in mind?

We know He is capable of turning things around?

We know whatever He made is perfect, that there is no mistake with Him?

We know He’s all powerful?

We know His wisdom is incomparable.

But why then are we always dissatisfied with what we have? It is someone else’s family that we wish to have. Your wide eyes doesn’t fit your face again because “Rachael’s rounds eyes matches hers”. That you’re born a Nigerian looks like the worst thing that happened to you.

And again, why do we leave God out of some matters in our lives or outrightly ignore Him? We can allow Him decide who we want to marry but not the clothes we put on. We can allow Him decide which church to attend but not the type of friends to keep.

Do we even know He’s interested in everything that has to do with us? Why then do we restrict Him? 

We should be careful however not to be useless with the excuse that “isn’t everything in God’s hands?” As much as He wants us to commit everything in His care, we should also work.

Finally, let this always resound in your mind, God doesn’t make mistakes, He’ll surely bless your effort.



Kolawole Oluwanifemi 

For SpeechCathedral 


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