When life troubles buffet and challenges almost push me to fail Getting my pillows soaked when alone Seems like a little push and it’s over

A voice said

To bid me — be calm!
I stand at a cross road

Confused on which to follow, I have thoughts to turn back Saying the course is lost

And yet the voice

To bid me — move on!

When I see that which is good Required of me to do And the strength is far fetched “Mission impossible,” I mused

Still the voice,

It bids me — do!

Writer’s block is such a bitch, Grounds your Muse without a switch When the pen is stuck in the stealth and barren lays the sheet

That voice,

It came to bid me — write!

Nothing in life is for keeps. The sure ones soon fade A little impossible to believe That One his all He gave

Oh my! The voice

It bids — let go!

To live is a brave choice, Since worry and fear is man’s nature Sustained in the love of a savior I listened amidst the noise

A voice that always bids

— you can!



Kolawole Oluwanifemi

For SpeechCathedral.


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