Friendship (Part 1)

As I sit in silence and ponder on this topic, various scenarios came to mind, some points are figments of my imagination! Enjoy.

What’s friendship?
It is the act of showing kindness to whosoever shows me kindness. Well, that’s true and that was my initial definition of friendship as I was growing up and developing mentally.

As I journey gradually in this beautiful sick world, there are various definitions and revelations of what friendship really is to me. I will be sharing some with you.

Having lots of people around you doesn’t necessarily mean they are worthy to be called friends, in fact some will show you kindness but the inner motive is absolutely deadly. I used to love having people around me, blindly making connections with any one I come across, then I will be thinking that I’m made, covered and popular, but I lied. Lie in its purest form, until I came to realise that you only need just one or few persons you can actually call a friend or friends.

Now, Let’s just say we live a symbiotic relationship with people, we enjoy something from one another that is why we tend to call some people our friend. During this symbiotic relationship process, we consciously or perhaps unconsciously give irredeemable time to some people who doesn’t even deserve that attention.

………to be continued


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