Happiness lies within

Ibrahim Fatima For Speechcathedral Happiness is a state of mind where you feel pleasant, blissful and calm. Most of us look for happiness outside, where it doesn't exist. We look for happiness in money, in people around, in material things. However, happiness is something that is within. Happiness found outside is temporary, Happiness is nothing... Continue Reading →


Who do I choose?

Ibrahim Fatima For Speechcathedral A friend of mine asked me some questions. A smart and thought provoking questions about marriage, my position and mentality. After much deliberation, I have decided to share my perspective with you. Before entering a relationship, set your standards Be specific and intentional. – I want a God fearing partner, this... Continue Reading →

Basics of Human Relationships

Omolola Aboh For Speechcathedral In life, as we grow in age and experience three words are important and they are; Love, trust and Friend(ship). Love is a feeling of intense attraction towards someone. It is a choice and a decision. Trust is confidence in or reliance on some person or quality. Friend is a person... Continue Reading →

This is What I like and Want. 

Ogbeni LA For Speechcathedral Let me take a minute or two of your time to talk about relationship. Relationship talks generally bore me. But lessons to be learnt from relationships are never exhaustive. Whichever way, we must always remember that there's exemption to every rule. One thing peculiar to every relationships or marriages is that... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Life 

Omolola Aboh For Speechcathedral  The mystery of life is that which no one can unravel.  Situation and people continually make or Mar us. Life is actually what we choose to make out of it. Experiences, people and places makes us to learn more, hurts us and also gives us reasons to be stronger.  Our weaknesses... Continue Reading →

A step into fame

Ojolola Adeife B.  For speechcathedral  Do you remember the grass to grace story of a breadseller (Olajumoke) who was going about her daily business and fortunately walked into a photoshoot by TY Bello. Many who saw her picture thought she was a model and that marked her journey into stardom.  Recently, there was another picture of... Continue Reading →

I don’t understand relationships 

Image Source: Google Images   Shalimar For speechcathedral  ​I don't understand how politics works or the policies of these politicians. I'm not going into corruption either, maybe, not just yet. Some of us have tried both distance and/or closed call relationships, how did it work out? Some agreed to close call relationship but fortunately I belong to... Continue Reading →

Violence Against Women (VAW) 

Image Source: Google Images  Olamilekan Joshua Ibidunmoye French Department University of Nigeria, NSUKKA affiliated to College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti My Uncle and his wife are married for twelve years. For the first five years of being together with two kids, my uncle most times beat up his wife. This woman endured till her husband changed from being... Continue Reading →

You Can Imprison My Body But Not My Mind 

Now I realise that there is a huge difference between "together forever" and "forever together".  The similarities is both partners are sticked. Together forever is stories and movies we read and watch. But forever together is myself and my story you will be reading soon. I know there are people in this situation too, may the Lord... Continue Reading →

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